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Take a Nature Holiday to Puglia

Although Puglia is often overlooked by Tuscany, which is a tourist hot spot, it is still a worthy destination for nature-loving tourists to Italy. The region is considered the country’s ‘green lung’ and boasts a wealth of greenery, picturesque landscapes, and charming little towns. This makes it the perfect place to spend a nature-centric vacation.

It is possible for tourists to spend as little as possible in their Puglia hotels, no matter how comfortable. There are so many attractions to delight wildlife lovers and outdoor enthusiasts that it is likely that the region will not disappoint anyone looking for an active holiday. Here are some of the many leisure activities that can be enjoyed away from your Puglia hotel on wonderful day trips.


Cyclotourism, which is simply a cycling tour through a region, is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. It’s second only to hiking as a top activity vacation choice. This region is a great place to enjoy a bike ride through the country, taking in all that this form of tourism has to offer. It is easy to rent bikes in most of the main cities of the region. This gives cycling lovers no excuse not get out of their Puglia hotels for some fresh air and cycling fun!

Can You Hear the Dolphins Sing?

The Taranto dolphin conservation center is another reason nature lovers should leave the comforts of their Puglia hotels to explore the region. The fascinating creatures that dolphins are have been a fascination for human eyes for a long time. This centre allows visitors to observe them in a controlled setting, which increases the chance of seeing one of these magnificent mammals. The Jonian Dolphin Conservation Centre is a worthy cause and a great project. It also stands out as one of the most important nature-centric tourist attractions in the region.

Cave In

Apart from the above opportunities to have a structured and themed day in nature, there are many caves hidden deep within the local cliffs that keen explorers can visit. While some caves may be interesting only from a geological perspective, others are full of surprises like the Grotta della Poesia (“Poetry Cave”) which is a natural swimming pool.

This region of Italy is a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors. It offers many opportunities to enjoy nature-centric activities that make for wonderful days out.

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