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What is this deeper spiritual life?

Spiritual people are not able to sustain the crescendo of salvation for very long. They live a life of hope and miracles, but then the spiritual fire wears off. It seems that we are destined to lose our way. It’s part of our history, and part of our nature. Many never truly understand God. And many claim to be able to know him in the most true sense.

It can be so hard to live a deeper spiritual life. It is not easy to make the sacrifices necessary, such as renunciating worldly, carnal lifestyles. If we are to have a spiritual relationship with God, these sacrifices must be made. Externalism is not enough. Many people believe that externalism is enough.


Externalism means to sacrifice for wrong reasons. It is sacrifice without love and without true spiritual hunger. It is head knowledge without the heart involved. Sacrifice for the wrong purposes is a matter of form, ceremony, and tradition without Christ’s love. God sent prophets to repudiate externalism. He has even’minor prophets with the same mission today.

A.W. Tozer

A.W. Tozer refers to the deeper spiritual life like the difference between a bass drum and a diamond. The diamond is the true spiritual life. Although it’s easy to overlook, it can be hidden in your pocket. Yet, it remains infinitely valuable. On the other hand, the bass drum is large (easy to spot), and loud, but it’s still a dime a dozen. External (carnal Christians) are to bass drums the same as spiritual Christians are for diamonds. Their lives are normal from a carnal perspective. The Christian life is meant as a miracle. It’s like Noah in the flood. Christian living can be extraordinary or very ordinary. It is not easy to encounter God.

Spiritual progress is not the goal of the average believer. They remain where they are for five to ten years and then slip back. They focus on doctrine and cliche at best, believing they are doing God a favor. They are so wrong! Spiritual progress is what we are here for. It is the essence of our purpose. We’re just wasting our time if we don’t find meaning in our journeys and use it for growth. We’ll feel empty.

Who is the person who just wants to be somebody? They are driven to the goal all their lives, but then they die without ever having found the true meaning of life.


Spirituality refers to “concern with the things of spirit”. It concerns what is inner to human nature, especially ethical or ideological values. Finch.

Spirituality is inner peace and the ability to dedicate oneself to God. It is not about being around people. It’s simple living. The truth is what the hungry heart seeks — the hard truth. It continues to seek the truth until it is found.

Spirituality doesn’t depend on how far we have come. It has nothing to do what you have accomplished. Like in sport, we are only as good or worse than our last game. This is what we know in our souls after we have had close times with God and then lost our way for a few weeks — we feel abandoned, yet we abandon him!

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